Carbstone Innovation NV

“A valorization route for slags and CO2


Carbstone Innovation NV is a knowledge-oriented organisation set up with the objective of offering a sustainable solution for secondary waste products. Our technology transforms these waste products into raw materials, which enables an important step to be taken to counteract the emission of greenhouse gas CO2. We achieve this using a method that fully recovers raw materials and energy. Our focus is on producing products for the construction sector, including grey products such as paving bricks and kerb stones, as well as high-strength, high-value products such as tiles and roofing tiles. 

Carbstone Innovation NV has a range of technologies available to make this possible. Carbstone Innovation NV has constructed a pilot plant near Charleroi with the objective of proving the wide applicability of the carbonation process. This pilot plant will be a research and testing facility for carbonation and high-quality metal recovery. All this is part of a new awareness to use materials and resources in a sustainable manner, and has been endorsed by the European Commission in its recommendations on "Critical Raw Materials".

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news 140204 th

Update on pilot plant construction.


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news 140129 th

The construction of the grinding mill is on schedule.


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